2018 Recap & 2019 Goals


I can't believe how fast this year went. It's been a great year filled with a lot of exciting opportunities and new experiences. I don't feel like I did a lot of sewing this year between moving and settling into a new state, but looking back I actually did quite a bit.

So with that, let's get started!

In Review:

I feel like 2018 was the year of UFO's for me. I started a ton of costumes but most of them sat in my the UFO bin for the majority of the year, and some *cough* a lot *cough* are still there. Oops. So much has happened this year that I'm honestly having a hard time remembering everything I worked on, so I'll do my best to recap everything as close to in order as I can.

I started the year out working on this WWI era ensemble highly inspired by Downton Abbey. THe skirt was the first new project of the year but I didn't make the blouse until this summer. I still have a few teeny-tiny adjustments to make on this before it's completely done, but it's almost there.

Padem's Picnic Gown, my pride and joy of this year. I finished it by my goal of comic con in early March, so yay me! Definitely one of my favorite costumes from this year.

I spent the first few months of the year working on pulling together costumes for Descent, which we filmed in March. I have so many great stories from this shoot and it will always be a special piece to me. We were short on time and I'm pretty sure I'm the only person on the shoot who has fond memories of this film. lol I had so much fun working on this though!

Shortly after that I pulled together this 1940's playsuit. I made the top and shorts. I still want to make the skirt that goes with them and I need to get pictures too. I just got too busy this summer, but I already have plans for a fun shoot of this outfit for next summer...

And apparently somewhere around here I started this pretty 1960's gingham dress. Sadly, it's still in the UFO pile waiting for me to redraft the sleeves... (of course!)

This costume was technically made last year, but I was able to get proper photo's of it this summer (thanks Elie for modeling!)

During the Spring and Summer my time was spent working on costumes for another short film, Endgame. I co-designed and made a couple of the costumes including Micah's (in the white on the left), and two costumes for Alina (only one pictured, below).

Funny story time. While I was supposed to be working on mockups for the Endgame costumes (above) I kinda wanted to make something prettier, so I procrastinated by pulling together this Regency dress. I stitched the majority of if, I think all but the sleeves, in a couple of days in between mockups.

I've been working on beading and accessories since then and it's close to done. I already have plans for a fun photoshoot of this costume soon.

Somewhere in between all of that I managed to finish my Edwardian corset, which I started last Fall. It's far from perfect, but I'm just glad it's wearable.

Then in the fall I made Eliza's dress for Halloween. Another favorite. This dress was surprisingly fast and easy to make.

I made this corset a few years back, but I finally got around to flossing it, which is a win because I've been thinking about flossing it pretty much since I made it.

I made finished this modern cloak this month too! I started it a while back, and by a while I mean almost exactly a year ago. I had everything done except for the buttons. XD I always procrastinate when I have to stitch button holes, so yeah... Anyways. It's finished and is now my new favorite accessory.

A few other projects that haven't been properly documented:
- A pretty, red Christmas dress (pictures and vlog coming soon!)
-A denim dress inspired by one worn by Meghan Markle this summer
-A mid 1910's wool skirt
I think that's it...

Goals for 2019:

-Get involved in Civil War reenactments. I've met a couple of people in my area that are involved and am hoping to get into reenacting this summer.
-I want to work on more original designs. I'm discovering how much fun I have when I'm not trying to stick to a specific design and get to just be creative.
-Do stylized shoots of my costumes. Again, I've got some great idea's I want to pull together next year for several projects!
-I have a costume/history/photography project I've been thinking about since spring. Right now I'm calling it the "War Widow Project", but that's about all I can share right now. Hopefully I'll have more in the next few months!
-Improve my drawing skills. This isn't specifically sewing related, but as a Costume Designer I really need to get better at drawing. So I may share some of my costume sketches here in the future...
-Get better at taking proper costume photo's. 'Nuff said.
-Blog more. Yep, I did a terrible job a blogging this year, but I'm wanting to get back into it in the next year.

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