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Making the Bodice | 1770's Robe a la Polonaise

Today's post is about the making of the bodice of my 1770's Robe a la Polonaise. In general, 18th century dresses had much more simple bodice shapes, which makes construction a little more simple and the actual construction of this dress went pretty quick. I'd like to note that I did not take a historical approach to sewing this dress. This was partially due to lack of knowledge as well as lack of time. The majority of the dress is machine sewn but in order to make it look a little more authentic I chose to top stitch most of the seams by hand.

I draped the pattern for this dress myself, based off of a pattern from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 1: Englishwomen's Dresses and Their Construction C. 1660-1860. Below is the final mock up. After I was satisfied with the mock up I patterned it and was ready to get started on the real thing.

The fabric I used was this wonderful reproduction cotton print from Colonial Williamsburg, which I bought online. I purchased 5 …

The Completed 1770's Polonaise Teaser Photo's

My 1770's Robe a la Polonaise is done, minus a few accessories and a good ironing. Yay! I'm working on editing photos, writing up blog posts about the making, and sorting through video footage, but I really wanted to share a few photos before then.

Next for me, figuring out how to achieve giant 18th century hair...

Emerald City Comic Con 2017 Photos

Emerald City Comic Con at the beginning of this month was fantastic and I wanted to share some of the photos I took. I was focusing on taking video most of the day, so I don't have a ton of photo's, but you can view my vlog here.

We saw these great Historical Disney Princesses. I was particularly impressed with Cinderella's dress.

Also, I saw these guys a couple times that day. They were just perfect!

My favorite parts of ECCC include:
Meeting Timothy Zahn and having him sign my book. He was super nice :DSeeing (but not meeting) Peter MayhewThe Guardians of the Galaxy panelSeeing all the amazing coplaysGetting to see all of the fantastic and creative art in the Artists AlleyWandering the Show Floor
What's your favorite part of Comic Con?

Costume Review | Beauty and the Beast (2014)

Last week my sister and I watched Beauty and the Beast (2014), which is a French production of the classic story we all know and love thanks to Disney. I didn't know much about this adaptation going in except that I had seen several of the costumes on Pinterest and I was interested to see it since the new Disney live action version is coming out soon (which I have been less than thrilled by costume wise from what we have seen in trailers so far).

[Semi]Brief Synopsis:
The story appears to be set in the 1810's through the 1820's and is set in a strongly historically based but still fantasy world. It's is about a once wealthy family that has now appears to have lost all of their money on a ship that sunk in the middle of the ocean which forces them to move out of their high society house in the city to a plain country cottage.

Bell's father discovers the Beast's castle on his way home from the local tavern and on his way out he picks a rose. The beast attacks him …

1770's Polonaise Progress Report

My Polonaise is coming along and it finally looks like something wearable! I can't say how much I love this fabric, which is a reproduction print I bought online from Colonial Williamsburg. Isn't it fantastic?!

This has been a fun project so far, and even though I'm not taking a historically accurate approach with my sewing methods (I machine sewed most of it and did a topstitch by hand to make it at least look a little more accurate) I think it's looking pretty good and I'm down to just a few more steps before it should be finished.

Here's what I have left:
Hem the skirtAdd ties and buttons to hold up the skirtAdd the sleeve rufflesAdd trim

When I went to cut my fabric I realized I had forgotten to purchase extra for trim. *facepalm* I'm not quite sure at this point what I'll be doing to remedy that, but since there's so many colors in the fabric I should have a lot of options. I'd also like to add a ruffle to the hem of my green petticoat, but …

5 Things I Learned from My First Trip to Comic Con

This weekend I went to my first ever Comic Con! Being a costumer and fan girl, naturally this is something I've wanted to go to for several years, but it wasn't until this year that I was able to make it happen.

Seattle is home to Emerald City Comic Con, which luckily for me is one of the bigger/better con's from what I've heard, so I was interested to see just what it would all be like. I live close to Seattle, so it was no big deal to go just for a day. I wish I had been able to go for another day, but I was only able to get my hands on a ticket for Friday, but it was one crazy fun day!

Seeing as this was my first time going to a convention like this and I wasn't sure what to expect, I opted not to dress up, but I wish I had. While it seemed like the larger majority of people were in regular street clothes, there were plenty of cosplayers and it would have been a fun experience to be among them in costume.

There was actually a lot of things I learned from my firs…