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1930's Aviation Outfit | The Inspiration

Why hello there, it's been a while hasn't it? I've been busy this month but sadly I haven't had anything that was really blogable and so I haven't been able to post... All year. Sorry, I had to make the joke. It's still close enough to the new year that I can do that on occasion.


I've begun work on a new project that I'm really excited about, a 1930's aviation outfit. I've always had a fascination with jodhpurs, mainly from seeing them in Star Wars and Indiana Jones, and I think they're rather fabulous. And this will be the perfect outfit to wear at Historic Flight events because 1) it'll be vintage. And 2) because it'll be warm. The majority of airshows I attend are cold and windy, so I usually shy away from wearing vintage because that usually means skirts. Skirts+cold+wind=a disaster. So this is a great solution.

My original inspiration came from this picture of Elinor Smith on Pinterest.

I did a bit more research and f…