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The Making of Alice | The Apron

This is the second part of the Making of Alice, which is focusing on the apron! You can see the 1st part of this tutorial HERE and pictures of the completed costume HERE

I drafted the pattern myself, which was pretty simple. For the bottom half I started with a rectangle, making it slightly smaller at the waist. For the top, I made it from three pieces. A rectangular piece for the front, marking where I wanted the neckline and shoulders on my dresform. Then on the back I have two pieces (one on each side) that are round and stitched at the shoulder seams and overlap in the back where I sewed a couple of snaps on.
Then there was the waist band, which was a simple straight piece. And lastly, the bow. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the making of the bow because I was using a tutorial for it. That can be found HERE.
Anyways, let's get started! First thing I did was cut out all of my pieces form my fabric. I used a plain white cotton from Jo-Ann's.

Here's all m…