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Fabrics fit for a... Scavenger from Another Galaxy

The fabric samples from Dharma Trading Co. for Rey ended up being absolutely perfect and so I ordered my materials and they arrived a few days ago (a few days earlier then I expected actually!).

The fabrics I got are the same kinds used on the actual costume and are all purchased from Dharma. I'll leave links so it's easy to find.

For the tunic and arm wraps I got a hemp cotton blend for $11.24 a yard. It's absolutly perfect for this and it's much softer than it looks! And it's going to work great for the arm wraps because it stretches, so no problems with them going over the elbows. YAY!

I bought raw silk for the pants, which was only $5.55 per 45" wide yard. I had no idea silk could look like this, but again it's so perfect!

For the tabbard/body wrap things I purchased viscose challis, which is $6.99 a yard. With the latest trailers and pictures I realized that its gathered at the shoulders and is not actually a wrinkled fabric.

Lastly I purchased a basi…

Elphaba Teaser

Here's a little something I put together from the Halloween party. More pictures (and eventually a vlog!) to come soon!