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Rey Analysis 2.0

Since my first post on Rey's costume from The Force Awakens I've done some more research and learned that Rey's tunic is not quite as simple as it seems. There's some rumors that the costume has buttons, that it has 2 layers, and something that I don't understand about there being no side seems on it.

Well, with the new trailer out, I have new information on this part of the costume. I went through the trailer and took screen caps of Rey's costume. Here's what I found.

In this picture you can clearly see that her tunic has a side seam under the arm. The neck line of the tunic is the part that has me confused. I does look like it buttons up to some point, but the rest doesn't have any (visible) closures. My guess is that there are buttons there for her to put it on. They're likely snaps. It also looks like there may be some sort of small piping around the neckline.

My favorite part, this screen cap reveals that her tunic does NOT have any sort of cap…

Alice | Completed Costume Photo's

As promised, here's the pictures of my completed Alice in Wonderland Costume I wore at our Disney Party last month.

This dress is so fun to twirl in!

The wig is Arda Wig's "Nina" in the color "Light Blonde (013).

The Not so Secret Project

Okay, so I was going to keep this costume a secret. I wanted to show up at the costume party and see a certain friends reaction to it (she, like me, is a big fan of WICKED and her reaction would have been priceless). But I failed. And now everyone knows. So  thought I'd make a post about it.

I went and made Elphaba's Defying Gravity dress that she wears to the Emerald City through the end of Act I.

If you remember, this was one of the costumes on my 2015 costume bucket list. I wasn't planning on making it, I was actually planning on wearing Alice for Halloween, but I had the right patterns and fresh bolt of muslin. Less than a week passed before the dress was completed.

I'm still working on the makeup and need to make the hat, and finding a witches broom that doesn't look like it's made for a toddler is harder than it should be.

More pictures and info to come soon, but in the meantime here's a sneak peek that I posted on Instagram...