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Rey Costume Analysis

The other day I completed Alice (pictures and making of posts to come soon) which means it's time to get started on my next costume, Rey from The Force Awakens. When the trailer for The Force Awakens came out (and after I watched it about 100 times) I knew I had to make Reys costume for the premier. She's already my favorite character. :)

There's several different variation's of this costume, some with more parts to it. I'm planning on doing the basic costume without the headwrap/helmet or backpack. The picture below is what I'm planning on doing.

Overall it's a pretty simple design - cap sleeve shirt with a keyhole neckline, short harem type pants,  long tabbards, arm wraps, boots, leather wristband and belt, and staff. And of course that fabulous hair! Which to be honest, I have no idea how to do. I'm hoping my hair is long enough for it.

I found this awesome photo from Celebration VII of Rey's costume with a list of fabrics! YES!

I've typed u…

The Making of the Jellyfish {AKA The Graduation Dress} | Part 2 The Bodice

I'm back guys! My new computer is fantastic and makes editing so much easier and faster! As promised, here is part 2 of The Making of the Jellyfish {AKA The Graduation Dress}, which is about the making of the bodice.

This is my bodice mock up with the completed skirt. I drafted the bodice myself without any patterns and was able to get the mock up completed in a few hours.

All my bodice pieces cut out. I cut the pieces out of my satin and then out of a pink broadcloth to flat line the bodice. Flat lining, for anyone who doesn't know, is just cutting the same bodice pieces out of another fabric then basting them onto the fashion fabric pieces. It helps strengthen the fabric and reduces unwanted wrinkles.

Next I zig zagged the edges of my satin and broadcloth pieces. After that I basted the flat ling onto the satin pieces.

I had a bit of a "duh!" moment after I finished this. I realized that I could have just zig zagged the lining and satin pieces together instead of d…