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2015 Costume Review & 2016 Costume Plans

2015 went by so fast, but it was also my most productive costume year! With the New Year just a few days away it's time to do my costume recap for 2015 and plans for 2016

I started the year with the goal of doing the Historical Sew Monthly, and I failed miserably at that. But that's okay, I still did a couple of the challenges and ended up with a chemissette and bustle pillow!

I did finish my 1870's undergarments, with a total of 1 bustle [petticoat], 2 additional petticoats, a corset, drawers, chemise, and now boots!

I also started out my year by working my Christine Daae wig (which I finally finished in November). HUGE learning curve there. I learned how to weft and ventilate, and I'm now much, much faster at both of those because of that project.

I finally made my Mara Jade costume that I had been wanting to make for years! It's one of my favorite costumes!

I made a new 1940's blouse, affectionately called the Sunshine Blouse.

I designed and made my graduati…

Elsa Coronation Costume Analysis

My sister has been begging me to make her Elsa's coronation dress from Frozen pretty much since it first came out, so for her birthday I told her I would make it for her.

This post is going to be the analysis about the costume. I've been doing some research, looking for tutorials and while lot's of people have made this costume there aren't any tutorials or walkthrough's for replica's (there are several non-replica tutorials for little kids, but none for more accurate and complete costumes), so I'm going to do my best to document everything.

Due to budget restrictions, I'm not able to make the cape for her (yet at least) so I will be focusing on the actual dress and some of the accessories.

I'm planning on starting with Simplicity pattern 1210, which I bought a while back. While it has the right shape in the bodice and skirt, it's going to need to be fitted. I can tell that much just from the pictures and from my experience with Simplicity patte…

The Making of Alice | The Dress

Whew, it's been a while since I said I was making this post. I haven't been working on costumes during the last month because of NaNoWriMo, and I finally decided to edit the photo's for this costume!

This post is about how I made the dress, and I'll do another post on the apron soon. I drafted the pattern for the dress myself. I originally wanted to do princess seams on the front and back, but I was having trouble draping it so I went with darts instead.

For the basis of the pattern I used a drafting tutorial for making a basic bodice block and then made a few modifications for it to fit my costume. For the sleeves I just drafted up a quick pattern. Nothing too complicated since they're gathered, measurements don't need to be precise for puffed sleeves (which is why they're my favorite kind of sleeves to sew! lol)

The fabric I used was a blue broadcloth that I bought at Jo-Ann's. I purchased 6 yards but I only used about 4 yards. I'm hoping that I&#…