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Mara Jade Updates

I managed to finish all of the sewing parts of my Mara Jade costume over the weekend, which is awesome because I have a super busy schedule this week and our May the 4th party is this Saturday. There is one more part I'm 99% sure I'm going to have to sew for this costume but won't be getting to before the party, and that's the gloves.
I'm really excited about this costume because it's really an awesome costume and also Mara is one of my favorite Star Wars characters from the books. When I tried it on it felt very Han Solo-ish (in a good way). It's going to be such a fun costume to wear!
Here's a sneak peek of the costume so far...

I had originally planned on using an invisible zipper but I realize (thankfully before I actually sewed it) that I needed a separating zipper for the vest. I got the zipper in no problem but something that is very special about Star Wars costumes (and this came from George Lucas himself) is that there should be no visible clo…

Q&A With Kaedra from Enchanted Sea Studio

Today I have a very special Q&A with one of my favorite costumers, Kaedra. Kaedra is an amazing costumer and runs her own costume business, Enchanted Sea Studio . She's best known for her fantastic Phantom of the Opera costumes, in particular the Wishing Dress and the Star Princess , which are both amazing!
Her work inspires me with the amount of detail she puts into each costume and the accuracy in each one. Her work is really phenomenal! Please check out her website, Enchanted Sea Studio.

When and how did you start making costumes?
I was always a fan of watching people sew garments on Project Runway.  I first started sewing in 2009 after I saw other Phantom of the Opera fans online making replica costumes.  After I saw their work, and started studying the costumes from the show in detail (thanks to!), I was so inspired to make them myself.
I started teaching myself with easy sewing patterns, and learning new skills.  If I had questions, I asked othe…

What Exactly is Couture?

Earlier this week at work the subject of my 1871 dress came up. My boss asked me how it went since I mentioned the week before that I had just received 12 yards of fabric for it and was planning on spending my weekend working on it.

I told her that I spent the weekend cartridge pleating the skirt and since most people aren't familiar with these strange terms us costumers use, I offered to show her a picture. I also mentioned a little bit of the process with it all being stitched by hand and she said "oh, well doesn't that make it couture then?"

The cartrige pleating on my skirt thus far. The waistband is about 90% done.

Besides knowing that couture is high end and expensive, I don't really know what classifies something as couture. So I decided to do some research. What exactly does make an item couture, or haute couture? That's what this post is about.

Haute Couture is French for high fashion.  A couture garment is typically sewn completely by hand and drape…