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Costume Love {Pirates of the Caribbean}

I want to start a new blog series called Costume Love to share my favorite costumes from everything from movies to Broadway musicals. I'll try to post every week, but we'll see how it goes.

For my first post I'm going to start with Pirates of the Caribbean. These movies are so fun, filled with lots of adventure, awesome sword fights, lots of humor, and some really amazing costumes. All of the fabrics and the syles are just so amazing!

Because the first movie is my favorite, I'll be showing costumes from that film.

All pictures are via the Costumer's Guide.

The plum pirate gown which Barbossa has Elizabeth wear is just beautiful! The pictures of this dress are all really high quality, so if you open the image up in a new tab you can zoom it in to get a good look at some of the details.

 I think what I love most about this dress is the color and the material.

I love this dress Elizabeth wears in the beginning of the movie.

And then there's Will's end outfit. I…

Throwback Thursday

I keep seeing more and more people posting Throwback Thursday and thought maybe I would join.

Going back to 2012 and my first ever costume, Princess Leia from episode IV of Star Wars. I started the costume 3 days before May the 4th and with the help of my mom, had it finished just in time. I never got around to getting the accessories made though.

This costume was made from bed sheets. I remember my mom and I looking all over for the perfect material but couldn't find anything. Eventually I ended up finding sheets that, at the time, I thought were perfect!

There are so many things I would do different now. I made the costume in just 1 layer instead of 2 like it should have been done, and thus the wrinkling at every seam. It needed to be longer. The hood wasn't wide enough. The list goes on...

Eventually I'll redo this costume and do it properly now that I actually know what I'm doing!

The Petticoat of Doom {Rose Tyler Progress}

The other day I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the tulle for the petticoat of my Rose Tyler costume. The tutorial I was using as a guideline used 4 yards, but I bought 5 just because. Besides, it only ended up costing $6. Tulle is cheap, which is awesome!

I cut it out yesterday morning and started working on it. I had a tutorial but I decided it was easy enough and just used it as a guideline. Well, one of the things they said is that petticoats are made form the bottom up. But what did I do? I made it from the top down. Don't do that. Start from the bottom, you'll save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

I kept having trouble with my gather stitching too. It would be fine and then I would be pulling it to gather it and somehow it would all just come out. I still haven't been able to figure out why. So I ended up having to hand gather 25+ yards of tulle...

I put my circle skirt on over the finished petticoat to get an idea of how it looked. It looks fuller person. The …

Costume Analysis {Christine Daae}

This post is going to be a costume analysis of Christine Daae's "Wishing Dress" from the stage versions of Phantom of the Opera. I want to do a second post sharing my favorite reproductions of this dress, becuase I've found so many amazing and helpful links! But because this post contains a huge amount of photo's already, I'll save that for another day.
First off there have been so many different productions of Phantom of the Opera (which from now on I will reference as POTO) since the Original Long Cast back in 1986. Even though each production's dress is different, they are all very similar. For the most part they're all identical except for things like trims and slight differences in material.
I came across this website which has reference pictures from all the different stage versions of POTO. I went and actually printed out almost 100 pages of reference photo's at the library via this site. I've gone through all the different version to …

My "Go To" Reference Books for Period Clothing

We all have those books that we keep going back to whenever we have a question about our current projects. I thought I would share my favorite "go to" books for period clothing research. Even though I have yet to sew a non movie historical outfit, I do know a bit about period clothing. I just haven't gotten around to making anything yet.
My first book I go to for Victorian clothing is Victorian Fashion and Costume from Harper's Bazaar. This book is filled with great illustrations of fashions from 1867-98. The pictures have dates with them and usually a small, sometimes large, description of the piece. It covers everything from day wear to evening wear, from hairstyles to shoes. 
And you wanna know the best part? It's only $3.99 on Amazon!

My next favorite is Victorian Fashions Volume I 1880-1890. I was lucky to find this book at Half Price Books a few years ago for under $10, but I didn't know it at the time.
This book is also filled with illustrations from …

A Look at 1880's Undergarments

I recently saw Phantom of the Opera for the first time a few weeks ago, and it's sort of become another obsession both as a musical and because of the amazing costumes! Just to clarify, I'm talking about the 25th Anniversary special, not the 2004 movie. While some of the costumes in that were spectacular, the movie as a whole wasn't that great.
My favorite out of all of Christine's dresses is her blue dress more commonly know among costumers as the "Wishing Dress".
I'm going to write up a more full overview of the dress later, but right now I want to focus on what would be underneath an actual 1880's dress.
Now, since this is a stage costume it probably doesn't have historically accurate underpinnings. But when I make this dress I want to make period accurate undergarments. I figure that the closest era for this dress is between 1885-88 based on some research I've done. I don't know a ton about the later Victorian era since in the past I&…