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40's Trousers Outfit {Finished Costume}

A long while ago I posted about wanting to make a pair of 30's or 40's trousers. Well, I finally did it! I made the trousers, and a top, to wear at Aviation Day back in May. This was a really quick and easy project and only took my about 3 days including the days I spent on the mock up.
I ended up using Simplicity patterns 3688 for the pants and 1692 for the blouse. The only changes I made to the patterns was the waistband on the pants because I didn't like the way they did it. And I ended up using an invisible zipper. 
At first I was undecided about doing blouse B or C. I ended up doing C because I didn't like the neckline in the B one and I didn't want to spend the time mocking up my own pattern.
Here's the materials I ended up with. I used a dark denim for the trousers and a cotton print for the blouse. I found both at JoAnn's.
And here's some pictures of the finished outfit. I used a snood for the pictures because I didn't want to curl my hair,…