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Jedi Food Capsules {A Tutorial}

One of the accessories for any Jedi belt is the food capsules. Even though you never see them used in the movies, they add a bit to the look of the belt.

I didn't really think I would end up having any of these for my Obi Wan inspired Jedi costume, at least not before May the 4th. But after doing a quick google search I found that other's were making them. And what was even better was that it was something that I could make myself.

I don't have any previous experience in making anything even remotely similar to this, but it was fun to be doing something for a costume that doesn't involve fabric.
This is a list of supplies I used to make mine. Pen capsRound studsHot GluePlasterSandpaperPrimerPaintFlat Top coat For painting them I took an old cardboard box and cut the front off. I then strung some fishing wire across with duct tape on the ends to hold the caps while I sprayed the primer and top coat.
As I mentioned in my previous post, it took me forever to find the righ…

Costume Shopping

Today my mom and I went all over the place looking for items for my Obi Wan Jedi costume. I ended up finding everything on my list except for leather dye, which we did actually find some at Hobby-Lobby but it was the wrong color.

While looking through belt tutorials on the Rebel Legion forums, I found a very helpful tip for the belt buckle. They suggested going through buckles on purses and shoes for the center buckle. I ended up finding a buckle I liked on a belt, but I'm not sure if it's the right size. I'll know as soon as my leather for the belt comes in the mail.

Unfortunately today wasn't a fabric shopping day. I have some awesome coupons for JoAnn's but they don't start until next week. So for now I don't have too much to work on.
I have some awesome news regarding the costume though. I have officially finished the pants! I was so glad I found these at Goodwill so I wouldn't have to make them. And they were only $6. When I got home I took the he…

Obi Wan {Revenge of the Sith}

May the Fourth is just around the corner and if you're a Star Wars geek and costumer like me, then you know what that means. It's time to make a new Star Wars costume!
I've been wanting to make my own Jedi ensemble for a while now, so that's what I decided on making for this year. I posted a while ago about Jedi inspiration and making my own unique costume, but I've decided do it a little different.
I love Obi Wan in the prequels, so I'm basing my outfit on Obi Wan's from Revenge of the Sith (my favorite of his three uniforms/outfits/whatever you want to call it). I wanted to share some of my research even though I've already got the mock up done. I'll be buying the material next week and I think I'll have the sewing part done not too long after that.

Most Jedi costumes are fairly simple, consisting of the outer tunic, tabards, the obi, whatever undershirt they have, pants, boots and belt. I'm gonna start from the top and work my way down.