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Bustles, bustles, and more bustles!

Before I started working on the wishing dress I never realized just how much I love bustle dresses from the 1870's and 80's. They're shape is just so different from any other era and they're so pretty!

Now that I have the proper underpinnings for a dress from this era I've been thinking that after I make the wishing gown I will make another bustle dress, but more historically accurate.

Here's a little history on the rise and fall of the bustle.

The bustle started to appear in woman's fashion in the last few years of the 1860's. The bustle continued to grow larger while the skirts grew smaller and the cage crinolines went out of style. In the early part of the 1870's the skirts were still quite large, flat in the front but still fairly full in the sides. But as time went on they started to get smaller while the back increased in size.

Originally the bustles were high up, but as the years went by it lowered until it finally disappeared in the middle o…

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is having as good a time as I am! 

2014 Costume Recap & 2015 Costume Bucket List

Well, 2014 is almost over (I know, crazy right?) so I thought I'd do something I haven't done before. A year in review of all my costuming progress I've made this year and plans for 2015. Now, since I don't really have any specific events next year I'll probably just post a few items on my costume bucket list that I may decide to do. But I don't know what I'll actually get done.

2014 Accomplishments
The only costumes I completed 100% this year is my 1940's outfit and my 1870's undergarments.

Completed Costumes
I worked on and mostly completed my Obi Wan inspired Jedi outfit for May the 4th and my Rose Tyler Idiot's lantern costume. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my Jedi outfit yet.

In Progress costumes I started this year
I started the year off with the goal of finally making Padme's Packing Gown and made some progress, but never got past the mock up stages. I've sort of put that one back on the shelf for now, but maybe I…

Victorian Undergarments

I (mostly) finished my Victorian under garments. YAY! I'll probably need another petticoat and I still need to get some longer ribbons for my chemise and 2nd petticoat drawstrings. But I'm off to a good start!
So the last few weeks I've been working on a second petticoat for over my Truly Victorian bustle. I drafted my own pattern based on Truly Victorian 107, which surprisingly turned out really good since I pretty much drafted the whole thing with math (which I'm not very good at).
The chemise and drawers were drafted with a tutorial from The Sewing Academy. I ended up putting a drawstring neckline thought so I could adjust it for the Wishing Dress neckline.
I also finished my first corset! I drafted it with this tutorial. Over all I think it turned out pretty good for my first completed corset. The back has a bit of space but I think that's because I laced it myself. I could definitely get it tighter if someone else was doing the lacing.