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Pirate Costume Inspiration

My siblings and I are going to be making a pirate film this summer and I'm excited to be making the costumes for our little film. I've started doing a little research on pirate costumes from movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean. One thing I really want to do is make the costumes feel like they could have come out of the 18th century. I don't know if this is actually going to happen, but it's my goal.
Here's a few of the costumes from Pirates of the Caribbean designed by Penny Rose.

And here's a few other pirate costume's I found on Pinterest.

While I was looking at fashion from the 18th century, the type of clothing that caught my eye was the riding habits of the era. I think that's probably because they were designed for an outdoor activity in the first place. Something along those lines could work.
I think the hardest part in making the costumes will be the female pirates because unless I do it just right, a skirt won't work.

Cinderella Costumes

I've always loved the big fluffy dress that all the Disney princesses get to wear. The big hoop skirts and layers upon layers of ruffled petticoats. Could you imaging how fun it would be to twirl around in a dress like that? I think I fall over from dizziness before I would stop spinning. Getting back on topic, I have to say that one of my favorites is Cinderella's big, blue ballgown.

Although I'm not a huge fan of the updated Cinderella dress's sleeves, I think the rest is beautiful!
Here's a few of my favorite Cinderella costumes.

This is one of my favorite costumers. She and her mother do a lot of video tutorials on the costumes they make, so definitely go check them out!  But what I love about their Cinderella costume is that they based it off of the original dress but changed it up a little bit. I think they did a fantastic job on it!
My next Cinderella dress isn't Disney. It's from Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella on Broadway. The costumes in …

The Packing Gown {Accessories}

I was doing some more research online for the Packing Gown and found a picture with her shoes! This is really exciting because it's rare to find pictures of any of Padme's shoes. This is from the behind the scene pictures from when Rose Byrne wore the costume during the Rose Parade. I've found these pictures very, very helpful since you can see more of what's under the dress. I found these photo's Via the Padawan's Guide.

Ah, the headpieces. I'm looking into having them custom made for me because I have absolutely no idea on how I could make these. Here's a few reference photo's for the headpieces.

I have found a few that other people have made that are pretty good. From the lady who made this, "As for the headpiece, I used Model Magic (love love love!) and puff paint and glued the three pieces to a simple jewelry chain."
Here's another one. This one has a tutorial.
And the armbands, like the headpieces, I have no idea on how I'm go…

40's Trousers

I guess this is my first post in 2014, so Happy New Year everyone! 
Ever since I saw American Duchesses post about vintage high wasted pants, I realized that I really like the look of them. A few days ago I went pin happy on Pinterest with 1930's and 40's trousers. Now want to make some for Vintage Aircraft Weekend (VAW) this summer. I want to put together an entire 40's (or maybe even 30's) outfit for VAW.
Here's some of the inspiration I've found so far.

I started looking around for some patterns online and found Simplicity 3688. Except I would like to make some with buttons, and the Simpicity pattern just has a normal waistband. So I was thinking that I could modify the pattern I used for my Marion Ravenwood pants instead. I was also thinking I could use this pattern (which is free. YAY!) and just turn it into pants instead of shorts.

Okay, so now that I pretty much have planned out the pants, it's time to figure out the top.

I love this top! I think I&…