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1960's Marion Top

I came across this while doing some research for the Marion costume. I think this top could have been the inspiration for Marion's top in Raiders. This top was made in the 1960's.
(First image links back to original source)

It's amazing how much this resembles Marnion's top!

More Research Photo's

I searched the internet for better reference pictures for Marion's Cairo outfit, but couldn't find any. So I decided to take some myself.
The back of her shirt has a few embroidered dots.
This gives a pretty good close up of the embroidery on the sleeve.
Believe it or not, this is almost the only scene where you see Marion's entire body!
Unfortunately there were no scene's with a good view of her shoes. But they look like simple red wedges.

A New Project: Marion Ravenwood

As of last week I've sorta become obsessed with the Indiana Jones movies and after watching Raider's I decided that I would have to make Marion's Cairo outfit. I was also inspired by a fan made costume I came across on Pinterest (and for some reason I can't find that picture!)
Unfortunately it's been rather hard to find good reference pictures. But these are the one's I've got so far.

I also started looking at other fan made costumes and found a really good one. She posted on her blog about the patterns she used and you can get to that post by clicking the picture.
I've officially started the mock up and have been having trouble getting the neckline to be the right shape, but I'm making progress. Hopefully I'll have some more updates soon!