Going in a New Direction

Over the last few years I've been trying to find my voice and style within costuming and the online community. When I first started costuming I focused heavily on historical costume with a bit of cosplay in the mix, and in more recent years I've moved a bit more towards costume design, as that's what a lot of my focus has been moving towards professionally.

As I learned and gained more experience I played around with different idea's for this blog and have wobbled between focusing on my costume design work for film and stage and personal projects, usually of a historical style in one way or another.

In the process things have gotten a bit... Messy. I feel like I don't know what to write or how to write it simply because my website, this website, has gone in so many directions.

So I've decided to take a step back and focus on what I really, really love, which is historical costuming. I no longer plan on posting about the films I'm working on, unless they are have a strong historical influence. I'm toying around with the idea of keeping a separate blog dedicated to my costume design related projects and ventures, but that will be completely separate.

I want to get back to traditional blogging like it was when I first started years ago. I want to write a blog that is personal and has a specific goal, which is historical costuming.

To help get a better idea of what I want for this site and to have a point of reference should I ever begin to wander away from this goal, I've written a mission statement.

But before we get to that, you may have noticed I've gone through a bit of a name change as well. While I've had a couple of different titles for this blog over the years, I've decided one something that (should) be a little more timeless.

And with that, here is the dedication;

The Demure Seamstress is a blog dedicated to historical recreations and the art of sewing quality, accurate reproductions. The goal of this blog is to document my learning process as I delve deeper into the art of sewing (specifically historical costuming), and to share the information that I learn in a helpful way. My hope is to learn and inspire others to learn as well, and share each bit of knowledge that I pick up along the way.

I'm really excited for this new phase for my blog and hope to have lot's of exciting things to share soon! In the meantime I'll be working on getting everything under the new name; The Demure Seamstress.

A Velvet Gown (WIP)

In between the madness of moving and settling into our new home in Idaho, I've been working on a new film project. I'm assisting with the costumes for another Lightsaber Choreography Competition film, which we will be filming next month.

I'm making perhaps the most complicated costume for the leading actress, which is a floor length velvet gown, with all sorts of wonderful, tricky details. It's coming along quite nicely and is nearly done.

This is a little sneak peek of the gown while I was still working on the bodice and before the skirt was attached.

I'll share more details of the design and finished garment eventually, but that won't likely be until the film is released in October.

Two Vintage Dresses

As promised in my last post, here's the photo's from the rest of my photoshoot with Elie. These last two dresses are vintage dresses from my collection. The pink one is a 1960's evening gown, and the blue is 1950's.

The interesting thing about the first one is that it seems to be home sewn. Everything is finished quite neatly on the inside, but you can see the pinked edge on the inside of the hem between the lining, and the selvage is only folded over on the front edges of the top layer of chiffon.

I came across this dress at a Goodwill Outlet store and paid maybe $0.60 for it since they charge by the pound. It has a few stains and holes, some of which someone attempted to patch at some point (my guess is the original owner since it looks like the patch is from the same pink chiffon as the outer skirt), but overall it's help up well.

This second dress is one that I purchased on Etsy several years ago. This one is 1950's and is in a little bit better shape than the first dress. With the exception of the blue chiffon layer of fabric around the arm holes having been cut out, it's in great condition and definitely needs to be worn more!

I paired some fun accessories that haven't been photographed before, which include a vintage aligator purse, pink hat, and pearls. The hat was a gift from my great aunt, and it's super cute, however I haven't found or made a dress that matches it yet so it's never been worn. But I felt like the tone matched the dress well enough for the photo's.

The purse is one of two that was recently gifted to me by a friend at a vintage event. She knew I collect vintage pieces and wanted to give them to me, and I gladly accepted. Not only are the purses she gave me cute, they're practical and handy to have when wearing vintage at events.